A little about me

Prior to training as a coach I was the award winning MD of Crucial Films, a TV Company chaired by Lenny Henry. This was the culmination of 15 years as a programme maker and executive. I worked all over the world on many different types of shows; from live sporting events to period dramas and comedies.

Before my TV career I worked as a restaurant manager, broadcaster, secretary, lady’s companion, and saleswoman amongst other things. My eclectic history, together with my broad interests and experience really enhance my coaching. My work has twice been featured in ‘Time Out’.

Here’s a list of my coaching training and qualifications for those of you who like to know about these things:

Being coached by Polly helped me see the imbalance in my life and I found some great tools for getting things back on track. My coaching session was the only hour in the week where I could clearly focus on what mattered and work towards a more balanced, enjoyable and healthy life.
AG Small Business Owner