How I Work

What happens during coaching?

Photo of smiling Polly McDonnald I very much like to work with people to get them thinking about the things they already do well. These are often forgotten and I truly believe can go a long way to enhancing our confidence as often when we lose perspective it’s all too easy to forget what is right about our lives, what we enjoy, what we’re good at and so focus only on the negative. A positive state of mind is invaluable when we embark on making changes.

I love working with people who want to improve their lives in whatever way feels right for them and build a brighter future.

I use many different coaching tools and exercises, we’re all individuals with our own unique versions of the world.

When we work together you will learn to:

Polly is pretty much the best listener I’ve ever known, she has a very rare ability to combine empathy and candour, all of which makes her a brilliant coach. She’s also always good fun, and never fails to put problems into perspective.
IR - Advertising Executive