Nuts & Bolts

The practical stuff


Unlike most types of counselling and therapies, the coaching relationship can be very flexible. Sometimes I work with people on a weekly basis, sometimes fortnightly or monthly. This will be decided between us before we start work depending on what we are working on.

It is common to start work on a weekly basis and then move to meeting monthly.

The time of each session can vary, or if the client prefers they can have their own slot at the same time and day.

One of the beauties of coaching is its flexibility.


I coach from my home in Holland Park, which is thirty seconds from Holland Park Tube and five minutes walk from Notting Hill Gate.

Photo of Polly's coaching room showing a comfortable environment. Two sofas face eachother with a glass table between them adorned with flowers. A fire burns to the right and light floods through a large window.

How many sessions?

There are no fixed rules, the number of hour long sessions depends on what the client needs and what issues they bring. Some people sign up for a certain number of sessions, others like to play it by ear, though I have learned from experience that after two or three sessions the client has a good idea of whether coaching is right for them. Commonly I coach someone regularly for a period and then they come for a top-up session every now and again.

How much?

My current rate for personal clients is 85 per hour although I do sometimes offer concessions

Any Questions?

If there’s anything I haven’t covered here that you’d like to know, please either email me or give me a call: 020 7792 1289

Polly’s style of coaching really spurred me into taking action and becoming more involved in the world. Thanks to working with Polly I really do feel much more positive abut my life
CH City Worker