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The Guardian HR Focus, April 2008
"'Before we introduced coaching, we would have been shooting pigeons. Now we're changing lightbulbs instead," says Steve McDonald, head of HR at Lloyds TSB..."
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Sunday TImes, April 2005
"So you think you are a good boss? You make tough decisions and stick to them. Staff look to you and wait for you. Your nod — like a flick on the first domino — activates another of your finely crafted master plans...."
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The Times, March 2005
"When David Pester, managing partner of one of the largest law firms in Bristol, met Professor Charles Harvey, dean of Bristol Business School, at a dinner hosted by the University of the West of England, they fell deep into conversation..."
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The Guardian, February 2005
"Don't get a life, get a life coach. That's the motto for 2005, according to Jonathan Thompson in the Independent on Sunday..."
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IoS, January 2005
"Britain has a new motto for 2005: don't get a life, get a life coach. The ranks of advisers, coaches, therapists and gurus who claim they can turn your stressed existence around are swelling so fast that the numbers are set to double within a couple of years..."
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The Guardian, November 2004
"Think of the word "coach" and sporting images immediately spring to mind. But coaching is becoming increasingly used in the business world as organisations strive to address under-performance among their employees..."
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CIPD, August 2004
"These days everyone seems to be talking about coaching. But does it actually work? Some executive coaches charge enormous amounts of money for their services - if it works and it translates into improved business results then it will be money well spent."
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"Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please"

Mark Twain

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